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How long did an overrun last? Having a product tell you if there has been an overrun is already a big step, but sometimes you need more information – like how long did it last? For many a product, this is a vital detail and Timestrip® PLUS™ can provide you with it .

Easy use

Timestrip® PLUS™ is inert to activation. The labels can be shipped and stored at room temperature and have no special storage requirements.  Timestrip® PLUS™ windows are white before activation.  Activate at room temperature, no pre-conditioning required. Activation is possible only if the ambient temperature is higher than the temperature limit of the label.

Clear Activation

For “blister on top” products: Press firmly on indicator blister. For “blister on bottom” products: Press firmly on blister on bottom of indicator. Once activated, an activation line appears in the first window – the activation window – and fills in further until you can read “ON.” The Timestrip® PLUS™ can be applied immediately by using the adhesive strip on the back.


Once activated, the Timestrip® PLUS™ will monitor temperature for days, weeks or months, depending on your needs. During this time, it will display how long a temperature overshoot lasted.

Here’s an example:

An 8°C Timestrip® PLUS™ was used for a shipment that would be on the road for 3 weeks. Upon arrival of the goods, the indicator showed a 4-hour violation above 8°C. This breach may have happened in one long event or in several series of short breaches during the 3 weeks. The 8°C Timestrip® PLUS™ could have demonstrated a temperature excursion of up to 8 hours during the 3 weeks of transport.

See this case study around oyster transportation.

Timestrip® Seafood* 3°C threshold    2 – 4 hour run-out window activation blister on top              Find out more
Timestrip® Food for Fresh Fish, Food 5°C threshold    2 – 4 hour run-out window activation blister on top             Find out more
Timestrip® Food 8°C for Fresh Fish, Food 8°C threshold       2 – 4 hour run-out window activation blister on top         Find out more
Timestrip® Food 10°C for Fresh Clams, Oysters, Food 10°C threhold      2 – 4 hour run-out window activation blister on top          Find out more

*Timestrip Seafood, developed with the FDA to reduce the danger of non-proteolytic Clostridium

inhibit botulinum growth and toxic formation in low-oxygen packaging (ROP) for seafood.

We offer the most effective solution of this type in food standards and food safety monitoring, which is why our technology has already been adopted by many innovative companies.

Our precise, efficient, user-friendly temperature indicators help ensure effective cold chain management around the world.

When regulations require the use of a TTI, such as the FDA Reduced Oxygen Packaging for C. botulinum, Food Temp indicators provide irreversible, verifiable evidence of a temperature violation.

Time and Temperature Indicator maker Timestrip launches the Timestrip® Temperature app, a new tool that provides you with a visual audit trail of its temperature products.

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