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Monitoring, tailor-made

We offer innovative solutions that help you monitor important parameters such as temperature, longevity, shock and more throughout the cold chain.

We are pioneers in monitoring solutions and our cold chain management offers a comprehensive range of temperature, humidity, time and location monitoring and recording equipment. This includes a real-time wireless system, data loggers, time-temperature labels and more.

At Innolabel, we are your single point of contact, and we have established excellent relationships with a large number of international manufacturers and service providers. This allows us to always offer the best solutions to our customers.

We believe in the power of innovation and continually invest in the latest technologies and trends to provide our customers with the most advanced and efficient solutions on the market. At Innolabel, we are known for our reliable products and excellent service.


Analoge monitoring labels zijn handmatige labels die visuele informatie geven over temperatuur, vochtigheid en andere parameters.


Digitale monitoring labels zijn elektronische apparaten die real-time informatie geven over de omgeving en eventuele afwijkingen.


A solution for every situation


Time monitoring labels record shipping and receiving time, helping to monitor delivery time and identify delays.


Temperature monitoring labels are widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industries to ensure the quality and safety of sensitive products by monitoring temperature.


Shock-resistant monitoring labels are used to identify and prevent any shock or impact during transport of fragile equipment such as medical devices and electronics.


Humidity monitoring labels measure and control humidity during transport of sensitive products such as wood, paper and textiles to prevent damage caused by moisture.

Tailor-made solution for your business

A solution for every situation


The first step in the Innolabel process is the analysis. This includes indentifying the current situation and specific needs. We explore all different possibilities and thus work toward the most appropriate solution for the client.

Solution proposal

The Innolabel team will prepare a proposal that meets your needs and requirements and includes a clear description of our services, costs and terms of the partnership.


After proposing our solution, we provide a tailor-made quote. We describe the costs of the solution and the associated services we will provide. We make sure the quote is crystal clear and covers all aspects of the solution.


Innolabel will work with you to plan and execute the implementation of the services, taking into account your requirements and deadlines, to make the implementation as smooth and efficient as possible.

Our Team

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