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Making good use of our expertise and innovative solutions, we have completed several successful cases in recent years. As a result, we have proven that our tailor-made solutions can contribute to the success of companies in virtually any industry.

We continue to evolve consistently and provide new solutions to drive growth for our customers. At Innolabel, we believe that providing high-quality products and services is essential to our customers’ success. Therefore, we work closely with our customers to understand their specific needs and provide them with innovative and tailor-made solutions that meet their requirements and expectations.

Our commitment to providing high-quality products and services has allowed us to build lasting relationships with our customers. We strive to support our clients in achieving their goals and increasing the success of their business. At Innolabel, we are proud to highlight a few of them.

Soudal Group is the largest independent producer of mastics, adhesives and PU foams in Europe. The company works with chemicals, where it is important that both the user and Soudal itself can monitor these chemicals for indicators such as temperature. To achieve this, Soudal uses the “Liquid Crystal Temperature Indicator.”

The Liquid Crystal Temperature Indicator is used to visually clarify to the user whether the component has the appropriate temperature before use. This product is used in the range of 2-component low pressure polyurethane spray systems. The indicator uses color change to indicate temperature. Moreover, the label can be customized to each customer’s expectations.

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The Queen Astrid Military Hospital in Neder-Over-Heembeek, part of Defense, has important departments such as the burn center and blood bank. The Blood Transfusion Institution receives its blood and plasma grants through civilian personnel and active military staff, contributing to the treatment of patients at the burn center and the hemato-oncology center of the Queen Fabiola Children’s Hospital, as well as saving the lives of colleagues during foreign missions.

Blood and plasma are stored at specific temperatures and all thermostatically controlled cells are digitally monitored. The TimestripPlus labels allowed the detection of temperature overshoot during ID labeling of blood bags. This led to adjustments in the process and improved control over the temperature of the blood bags. TimestripPlus labels are user-friendly, accurate and easy to read.

The introduction of the Freezecheck and TimestripPlus provides uninterrupted control of blood bag temperatures and minimizes human error and vital signs. This ensures reliable condition of the blood bags when they are returned.

To comply with increasingly strict regulations surrounding the logistics of medical products, it is often necessary to measure temperature during transport. Upon delivery, recipients require irreversible proof that the temperature has been respected throughout transportation. Shipments to the Middle East require a simple, self-contained, single-use system. This is why our company uses the Tempmate S1 logger and InnoLog. These can be easily and compactly added to any shipment and visually indicate if the temperature is OK upon receipt. After plugging in via USB, a PDF automatically rolls out with all the necessary data. The system is simple, accurate and easy to use, and provides the necessary evidential value in case of claims.

Hygiene is critical with seafood. At VIS & DIS, a fish store that values quality, they want to make sure their products are as fresh as possible at the time the customer buys them. To achieve this, it is important to keep their products at the right temperature. That’s why they use the BluLog Real Time logger.

This logger is installed in each cooling eye and operates completely wirelessly. It receives temperature data up to a distance of as much as 700 meters and is known for its high precision. The BluLog measures temperature from 0°C to 30°C with a precision of 0.2°C, and between extreme temperatures from -40°C to 70°C, it measures to the 0.5°C precisely.

VIS & DIS operators receive notification via SMS or e-mail once a temperature limit is exceeded. Interested in the BluLog Real Time logger? Then click here.

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VisionLab monitors the life of valves and filters

VisionEC-Lab Ltd. with 14 years of experience in the Laboratory Field has announced a new line of lab products, which will bring you safety and comfort in your laboratory. With their existing broad product portfolio available worldwide, they are also committed to improving existing products and developing new product lines.

Their safety products are used in chromatographic systems, all with the goal of protecting workers from harmful gases, to accomplish this they use the Timestrip time indicators on the valves and the adsorbent filters, considering both have a lifespan of 6 months!

TimestripPlus for transporting medical products

Micreos Human Healthcare – Gladskin has chosen the TimestripPlus labels with temperature limits of 30°C and 38°C to monitor temperature during shipment of their products. These labels provide a simple and visual way to monitor temperature conditions to ensure the quality and efficacy of their products.

TimestripPlus labels are specially designed for easy reading and interpretation. They change color when the temperature reaches or exceeds preset limits. This allows Micreos Human Healthcare – Gladskin to quickly see if products have been exposed to temperatures outside the optimal range.

By using these labels, they can proactively respond to any temperature fluctuations during transport. If a label indicates that the temperature has been outside the desired range, appropriate measures can be taken to ensure the quality and efficacy of the products before they reach the end user.

TimestripPlus for temperature control toners

At Xeikon, we use the advanced Timestrip Plus smart labels to monitor the heat load of our packaging throughout the logistics chain. These smart labels are designed to accurately measure and record temperatures to ensure the quality and integrity of our products.

”By placing the Timestrip Plus smart labels on our packages, we can collect real-time data on the ambient temperature to which the products are exposed during transport. This allows us to identify potential risks of overheating or cooling and take timely action to maintain optimal conditions.”

TimestripPlus during transport

To ensure optimal temperature conditions during the transport of our products, we carefully considered what measures to take. After thorough research and consultation, we decided to add TimestripPlus labels to our products, which have a temperature limit of 20°C.

These TimestripPlus labels have proven to be an effective means of monitoring and controlling temperature during transport. They are designed to measure the duration and degree of exposure to undesirable temperatures. By attaching these labels to our products, we can closely monitor temperatures throughout the shipping process.

TimestripPlus 8°C 48h in transport

Delital Foodservice uses the TimestripPlus with refrigerated shipments, providing the recipient with a means of verification that the shipment was delivered properly conditioned and that the temperature during transit was not too high.

The TimestripPlus label is extremely easy to use and very visually accessible to everyone.

Tempmate S1 for shipments to the Middle East

Regulations surrounding the logistics of medical products are becoming more and more stringent, so it is also often a requirement to measure temperature during transports.

In such cases, the consignee requires that at the time of delivery there be clear irreversible proof that the temperature has been respected throughout transportation.

Since we do shipments to the Middle East, it must be a very simple, autonomous system and single use since we can not recover the devices, therefore we use the Tempmate S1 logger that is simple and compact to add to each shipment and upon receipt visually displays whether the temperature is ok, furthermore, after plugging in via USB an automatic PDF rolls out with all the necessary data.

It is simple, accurate and easy to use and gives us the necessary evidential power in case of claims

Temperature monitoring in warehouse

Gebroeders Vos Transport in Zaltbommel is using the Blulog solution to monitor the warehouses in real time to stay constantly informed should there be a breach of the preset temperature limits. This also keeps control during weekends and vacations and notifies the appropriate people should anything go wrong!

Temperature control during transport of fish and seafood

Pittman Seafoods, a leading company in the seafood industry, is committed to ensuring the highest quality of their products in transit. To ensure temperature compliance throughout the entire journey, the company adds a Tempmate S1 data logger to each overseas shipment of fish or seafood.

The Tempmate S1 data logger is an advanced device designed specifically for temperature recording in logistics processes. The device continuously and accurately records temperature readings during transport. This allows Pittman Seafoods to obtain detailed and reliable information about the environmental conditions their products were in.

Temperature control on Thalys trains

RAILREST is responsible for the catering on the trains of THALYS.
Forsake of the health of passengers, it is importantthat the qualiteity of the food is guaranteed.

To ensure this, THALYS and the qualipartement of RAILREST the Bluetooth loggers Verigo from INNOLABEL installed on the trains. This applicatie makes it possible to constantly monitor the temperature of refrigerators en on this manier to ensure that there were no excursions took place in the cold chain.

All personnel aboard the Thalys have the Verigo applicatie installed on their tablet. After opening the applicatie goes all the rest automatically, the personeel should nots otherwise do. Dhe thata is automatically nto the cloud, it is notified if there is a breach
committed to the temperaturegrenzen of the cold chain, the temperature can be read, etc..

This solution is very easy to use and they
there complete in its capabilities.

Switrace loggers for monitoring temperature refrigerators in hospital

AZ Sint Maarten (part of the Emmaus group)

In the pharmacy of AZ Sint Maarten, Switrace iPlug temperature loggers are used in order to monitor the refrigerators for their temperature.

It is an easy way to have a permanent view of the temperature, considering the logger also features a display and it rolls out an automatic pdf after plugging it in.

The goal was to be simple, accurate and transparent.

Should the need arise, the same loggers can also be used for internal or external transport, thus a versatile solution.

Micreos Human Health monitors the temperature of its products with the HTA-INNO38 indicator

Micreos Human Health develops targeted antibacterial products for human health based on their endolysin technology.

Micreos has its own production sites for endolysins in Bilthoven, and for phages in Wageningen. They have their own research teams in the Netherlands and Switzerland and have commercial teams in the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and USA, with a global distributor network.

They designed a warning card with a temperature label that notifies the recipient should a temperature exceedance have occurred during transport.

See here the example of the card equipped with a 38°C HTA-INNO38 indicator:

Freshcode label for sending blood by mail

For sending blood by mail, the Varcode is a very charming and affordable solution.

Temperature monitoring during transport is a very important process step for blood and other body materials.

When the blood arrives at the lab, the Varcode is immediately scanned, all data are automatically implemented in our system, where we can immediately check if the status of the blood is good, due to the temperature transported within the limits.

This is done in the blink of an eye and therefore gives no additional workload, in addition to guaranteeing correct diagnosis of the blood.

Electronic label during transport

Warren Pieterse of Benckmar, a leading company in the logistics industry, stresses the importance of using electronic labels to closely monitor the temperature of products during transport. This innovative technology, such as the INNOcheck, plays a vital role in ensuring the quality and safety of goods during the logistics process.

Monitoring temperature during transport is critical for products sensitive to temperature fluctuations, such as perishables, pharmaceuticals, fresh foods and chemicals. Maintaining proper temperature throughout transportation is essential to ensure the integrity and shelf life of these products.

Check timely filter replacement

Filters play a crucial role in maintaining the optimal operation of various devices. They serve as a barrier against unwanted particles, such as dust, pollen, bacteria and other contaminants, that could otherwise penetrate the system and cause damage. By filtering these unwanted particles, filters prevent clogging, reduce component wear and contribute to the long-term performance of the unit.

Regular filter replacement is critical to maintaining the optimal operation of appliances. Over time, filters become saturated and lose their effectiveness.Ignoring the timely replacement of filters can result in several negative consequences. It can lead to reduced performance, shorter device life and even costly repairs or replacement of the entire device.

To ensure optimal operation of appliances, it is advisable to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding filter replacement. Airwatec adds this as standard to its product Cintropur Trio UV , in order to manage this control!

Use of the Timestrip blood label for blood bag temperature monitoring

Already many hospitals in Flanders and Wallonia are using the Timestrip blood labels to permanently monitor the temperature of blood bags.

Hospital studies have shown that it is a very useful tool for monitoring temperature at the product level, given the label is applied to the blood bag there is never an unguarded moment and can be confidently decided whether the blood is properly stored at any time. Here is a brief list of some of the hospitals using this application:

  • AZ Sint Lucas, Ghent
  • AZ VESALIUS, Tongeren-Bilzen
  • AZ Sint Elisabeth, Herentals
  • IMELDA Hospital, Bonheiden
  • MILITARY HOSPITAL, Neder Over Heembeek
  • ZOL, Limburg
  • CHU Liège, Liege
  • Medlon, medical diagnostics
  • Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp
  • Clinique Saint Jean – Clinic Saint John
  • AZ Heilige Familie, Rumst

BluLog Real Time logger ensures quality of fish, seafood and shellfish

Hygiene plays an extremely important role when it comes to seafood. No one likes to come in contact with the smell or bacteria of spoiled fish. The fish shop


puts quality above all else. They want to make sure that all their products are as fresh as possible when the customer comes to buy them. Therefore, it is crucial that their products remain at the right temperature. How do they control this?

In each cooling eye, they installed a BluLog Real Time logger. This logger works completely wireless and receives temperature data up to a distance of no less than 700m.The logger is known for its high precision, it measures the temperature of 0°C to 30°C with a precision of 0.2°C, between the extreme temperatures of -40°C to 70°C it measures at the 0.5°C exactly!

Via SMS or e-mail, VIS & DIS operators will receive a notification as soon as a temperature limit is exceeded.

Timestrip technology underscores critical processes at Military Hospital blood bank

Queen Astrid Military Hospital at Neder-Over-Heembeek:

The Queen Astrid Military Hospital, part of the Department of Defense, has various activities in the areas of consultations, hospitalizations, expert assessments and scientific research. The center of burns and the blood bank are two important departments. The blood transfusion institution receives its blood and plasma subsidies through its civilian personnel and active military staff. For example, they actively participate in the treatment of patients at the burn center and hemato-oncology center of the Queen Fabiola Children’s Hospital and save lives of their colleagues during an overseas assignment.

Current situation:

Blood is collected and immediately cooled to +4°C. After this process, the blood bags are labeled with identification labels and stored again in cold storage at +4°C until used. The same goes for blood plasma stored at -80°C, blood platelets are stored at +22°C. All of these thermostat-controlled cells are digitally controlled.

Soudal Group uses the Liquid Crystal Temperature Indicator

Soudal group is the largest independent producer of mastics, adhesives and PU foams in Europe. Because they work a lot with chemical substances, it is important that both the user and Soudal itself can check these substances for indications such as temperature. How do they do this?

The label will be used to visually clarify to the user whether the component has the appropriate temperature before using it. These products are in the range of 2 component low pressure polyurethane spray systems.

The liquid crystal temperature indicator uses color change to indicate temperature. Moreover, this label can also be customized to each customer’s expectations. Want to know more about this product?