Timestrip® Blood Temp 10

Pressing the button activates the Blood Temp and simply and clearly indicates whether the core blood temperature has exceeded its temperature threshold.

The TimestripPlus blood bag indicator has been developed for use in blood banks and transfusion centers during the storage and transport of blood to show whether blood products can still be taken back if they have not been used.
Easy to read:
The TimestripPlus blood bag indicator changes from white to blue when the core blood bag temperature has exceeded 10°C.
This irreversible go/no-go indicator makes it easy to identify and assess temperature exceedances.

In addition to the BT10, there is also a BT6, this for storage control and thus the 6°C temperature limit.


Quality assurance

Produced under ISO9001:2008 and ISO13458:2003. CE approved

Temperature Limit

Blood Temp 10 – Threshold of 10°C


Unique serial number on each product


32mm x 19mm, blister height 2.5mm-3.0mm

Activation way

A manual activation button at the top – the ‘On’ window changes from yellow to green as confirmation of activation.

Temperature Accuracy



A blue color appears in the second window when a temperature violation has occurred. Any blue, full or partial, represents an override.

Indicator Type

Irreversible, single use.

Video of the application at the Military Hospital.

At the Medical Cold Chain Congress on May 13, 2013, this topic was explained from different perspectives, for those who did not attend, the following presentations can be viewed:

Timestrip : general information of the new blood label
Red Cross Flanders : the cold chain of blood and its rules and requirements
AZ ST Lucas Ghent: the practical experience regarding the application of Timestrip labels in the blood bank

The Imeldaziekenhuis in Bonheiden made an evaluation of the use of the Timestrip label, they see that by using the labels they have a good control of their temperature control and can guarantee it better, take a look at the presentation!

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