The Innocheck™ SU indicator is a temperature-monitoring device, validated at six points, equipped with an innovative self-calibrating sensor.

It comes in a waterproof case.
The presence of a bar code on the self-adhesive indicator guarantees irrefutable identification between the indicator and the delivery.

How it works:

1) Push the START button in the right corner. you will see that the green LED flashes fthree times to confirm a correct start.

2) Add the active Innocheck indicator to your shipment.

3) Check the status on delivery of the goods.

Quality and user-friendliness

The electronic components are of high quality: American sensor, European CPU and Japanese battery.

This product is developed according to the regular requirements and according to the needs of the customer (the logistics operator and the end customer).

On top of its high quality, the InnoCheck indicator is also very user-friendly. For example, the START/STOP button is easy to activate; it is activated by lightly pushing the button, no lengthy instructions are needed to execute it or to position it correctly for use.

Each indicator was individually validated during the production process.

The validation certificate is provided for each individual indicator of the batch, in paper and electronically inside each indicator.

Immediate availability

Standard configurations are always available immediately and personalized configurations are available in a few weeks.


The Innocheck™ SU indicator is a temperature monitoring device with self-calibrating sensors validated at six points. It comes in a waterproof case and has a bar code for identification. Operation includes pressing the START button, adding the indicator to the shipment and checking the status upon delivery.

This product contains high-quality electronic components and is developed according to regular requirements and customer needs. It is user-friendly with an easy-to-active START/STOP button. Each indicator is individually validated and comes with a validation certificate.

Standard configurations are available immediately, while personalized configurations can be delivered within weeks.

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