Smart Tag

Varcode’s patented Smart Tag™ smart barcode labels are a revelation in TTI (time-temperature indicator) technology.
By linking from temperature measurements to the data from an barcode, Varcode has developed a low-cost but data-rich and easy-to-use solution for cold chain monitoring.

The FreshCode label is based on a chemical process that elicits a value change in the displayed barcode whenever any multiple pre-set temperature limits are violated. The label is activated by pulling out a tab, therefore no special storage is required. 

The label can be read as much as desired throughout the cold chain : from the moment of activation to the retail recipient.
The smart barcode can be read by either a standard barcode reader or a iOS or Android-based smartphone or tablet.  Using a standard barcode reader ensures not only a fast and accurate read, but also a  easy integration into existing business procedures without any infrastructure purchases or other investments.

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