INNOLog temperature data logger is designed to measure and record temperatures over a period of time.

Temperature data logger

The Innolog™ SU temperature data logger is a logger, validated at six points, equipped with a self-calibrating sensor.
It comes in a waterproof case.
The presence of a barcode on an adhesive label guarantees irrefutable identification between the temperature data logger and the delivery.

How it works:

It is an electronic device powered by a button cell battery (CR2450) that measures temperature via an internal digital sensor; it is processed by a microprocessor (CPU) and stores the data in a RAM memory.

To start and stop the temperature data logger, push the provided button on the data logger.

The logger comes with a pre-installed temperature-sampling program. It is ready to use. It is also possible to set up personalized configurations.

Quality and usability:

The electronic components are of high quality: American sensor, European CPU and Japanese battery.

This product is developed according to the regular requirements and according to the needs of the customer (the logistics operator and the end customer).

On top of its high quality, the Innolog™ temperature data logger is also very user-friendly. For example, the START/STOP button is easy to operate, it is activated by a simple push of a button without the need for elongated instructions.

Improved memory

The Innolog™ temperature data logger is equipped with a very powerful memory and stores a large volume of data: more than 13,200 points.

A temperature data logger is an indispensable tool for various industries and sectors. Whether you operate in the food industry, pharmaceutical, transportation or laboratories, accurately recording temperature information is crucial for quality assurance and compliance with standards.

A temperature data logger is designed to measure and record temperatures over a period of time. This data can later be analyzed to identify trends, detect problems and comply with regulatory requirements. Here are some of the main benefits of using a temperature data logger:

  1. Accurate Recording: A temperature data logger provides highly accurate readings, allowing you to have confidence in the integrity of your temperature data.

  2. Real-time Monitoring: Some temperature data loggers offer real-time monitoring via mobile apps or cloud platforms, so you are always aware of current conditions.

  3. Data integrity: Using a digital temperature data logger minimizes human error and ensures the integrity of your data.

  4. Alarm system: Many temperature data loggers have built-in alarm systems that alert you immediately if the temperature falls outside the desired range.

  5. Compliance and Reporting: For industries where compliance with strict standards and regulations is critical, temperature data loggers can help generate reports for audits and proof of compliance.

  6. Energy savings: By monitoring and optimizing temperature settings, you can save energy and costs.

In short, a temperature data logger is an essential tool for improving temperature control, ensuring product quality and meeting regulatory requirements.

Invest in a high-quality temperature data logger to optimize control over your temperature processes and have peace of mind about the safety and quality of your products.

For more information about our advanced temperature data loggers and how they can contribute to your specific needs, contact us. Our experts are ready to help you choose the right solution for your application.

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