Freezecheck label (freeze indicator)

The patented Freeze Check™ consists of a clear, temperature-sensitive solution sealed in a transparent bubble that fills in a green circle with a check mark. The temperature-sensitive fluid is an environmentally friendly multi-component solution. When the solution is exposed below the critical freezing temperature, a visible sign that the package is frozen is created. Two (2) products are currently marketed, 0°C (32°F) and -5°C (23°F). Freeze Check’s technology is available in 0°C and -5°C.

The low profile packaging configuration makes Freeze Check™ ideal for attachment to primary or secondary packaging, providing a reliable visual indication of temperature exposure . Furthermore, its flexibility is ideal for non-uniform packaging such as drums.

Descending Temperature Indicators FCP

If freezing temperatures threaten your products, Innolabel’s Descending Temperature Indicators will let you know.
Unfortunately, you can’t always know, especially when a product thaws by the time it reaches its destination. Downward Temperature Indicators let you know when a product has been exposed to lower temperatures, which affects the quality of your product. The irreversible, chemically discoloring indicators show a clear and precise change at a factory-set temperature.

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