Freezecheck label (freeze indicator)

Freezecheck label (freeze indicator) –the low profile packaging configuration makes it ideal for attachment to primary or secondary packaging.

Freezecheck label (freeze indicator) consists of a clear, temperature-sensitive solution sealed in a transparent bubble that fills in a green circle with a check mark. The temperature-sensitive fluid is an environmentally friendly multi-component solution. When the solution is exposed below the critical freezing temperature, a visible sign that the package is frozen is created. Two (2) products are currently marketed, 0°C (32°F) and -5°C (23°F). Freezecheck label technology (freeze indicator) is available in 0°C and -5°C.

The low profile packaging configuration makes Freeze Check™ ideal for attachment to primary or secondary packaging, providing a reliable visual indication of temperature exposure . Furthermore, its flexibility is ideal for non-uniform packaging such as drums.

Descending Temperature Indicators FCP

If freezing temperatures threaten your products, Innolabel’s Descending Temperature Indicators will let you know.
Unfortunately, you can’t always know, especially when a product thaws by the time it reaches its destination. Downward Temperature Indicators let you know when a product has been exposed to lower temperatures, which affects the quality of your product. The irreversible, chemically discoloring indicators show a clear and precise change at a factory-set temperature.

Freezecheck labels, also known as freeze indicators, contain an environmentally friendly, temperature-sensitive solution in a transparent bubble with a green circle and control symbol.

Two variants are available: 0°C (32°F) and -5°C (23°F). These labels make similar marks when the package goes below the critical freeze temperature, making frozen status easily where removable.

The low profile packaging makes them suitable for both primary and secondary packaging, ideal for various packaging formats such as drums.

To complement this, Innolabel’s Descending Temperature Indicators offers a warning system against freezing. These irreversible indicators color at an earlier temperature, notifying users immediately if their products are at undesirably low temperatures.

This is especially useful for comparing the quality of products even as they thaw during transport to their destination.

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