Tempmate S1 V2 single use logger

Protect the integrity of your cold chain with accurate and efficient temperature loggers from Innolabel!

In the cold chain, accuracy and reliability are crucial. Temperature violations can seriously affect the quality of products in the chain and compromise patient safety. Therefore, it is essential that these breaches be recorded quickly and reliably. Innolabel understands this and offers accurate, efficient and user-friendly temperature loggers that ensure accurate and efficient cold chain management.

With the range of Innolabel cold chain solutions, you can verify whether a temperature violation has occurred and how much time a product has spent above its recommended temperature. Our solutions are applicable at the individual use or product level, promote accuracy and reduce waste. This way you can protect the integrity of your cold chain and ensure patient safety.

“Optimize the management of your cold chain with high-quality labels and loggers from Innolabel

Our temperature loggers also provide the opportunity to validate products at the point of use. Innolabel has developed an intuitive visual check that, among other product data, will clearly and unmistakably show if a product is irreparably affected by a temperature breach. This allows you to act quickly and prevent unsafe products from entering the chain.

Innolabel offers a wide range of temperature solutions, including product level-based labels, box level-based loggers (both simple single-use usb loggers and advanced loggers), dedicated temperature monitoring in healthcare labs and real-time temperature monitoring. Our solutions are customized to meet the specific needs of our customers and can be adapted to individual requirements.

Innolabel stands for accuracy, reliability and user-friendliness. We understand the complexities of the cold chain and work closely with our customers to ensure our solutions meet their specific needs. Our team of experts is always ready to provide advice and support on cold chain management. Rely on Innolabel for accurate and reliable temperature management in the cold chain.