Timestrip®: the reliable indicator for changing filters, food and cosmetics!

Time is an important factor in the quality of a product. Therefore, Timestrip® offers a wide range of indicators that can be used for a wide range of household tasks. Whether it’s filter replacement, food and cosmetic shelf life, or drug and personal care product monitoring, Timestrip® provides a reliable solution for timely replacement and monitoring.

Keep your home appliances in top condition with Timestrip® filter replacement indicators

Regular filter replacement is essential to ensure the proper operation of household appliances such as vacuum cleaners and water filters. With Timestrip®, changing filters is a breeze. The indicators are easy to use, reliable and user-friendly and clearly indicate when a filter needs to be changed. This ensures timely replacement and increases filter sales.

Extend the shelf life of your food with Timestrip® indicators after opening

In the retail food industry, quality and safety of food is very important. With the growing demand for more innovation and information on packaging, Timestrip® provides a solution for food shelf life after opening. An on-pack label provides clarity on the terms “use by” and “shelf life,” providing more information for consumers and better food quality.

Monitor the shelf life of your cosmetics with Timestrip® indicators after opening

Cosmetics are susceptible to bacterial growth, which can limit the shelf life of the product. Timestrip® provides a clear and visual indication of when a product should be replaced. This is a great way to make consumers aware of the limited shelf life of cosmetics after opening. This not only improves the quality of the product, but also increases consumer satisfaction.