Timestrip® Blood Temp 10

Prevent temperature breach in blood transport with Blood Temp 10 from Innolabel

Are you unsure about the temperature of blood bags during transport from the storage area to the operating room? Then don’t just rely on the time rule, choose Blood Temp 10 from Innolabel.

Our small indicator provides a visual alarm if a temperature violation is detected, preventing the blood from being used or returned to storage. Blood Temp 10 is a unique FDA 510(k) medical device that is CE certified and requires no preconditioning.

Easy to use and accurate protection against temperature breaches

Using Blood Temp 10 offers several advantages. It improves compliance with guidelines and provides serial number registration at the product level, enabling individual product tracking and lot tracking. It is also easy to use, as it can be activated directly on the spot with a simple push of a button and has no special requirements for storage and shipping. It also avoids the ambiguity of temperature intrusion and reduces losses by up to 8%, leading to savings in time and money.

With Blood Temp 10, you no longer have to worry about the temperature of blood bags during transport and can be assured that blood products can be used safely and effectively during surgery. Using this indicator reduces the risk of unwanted temperature breaches and increases the efficiency of your clinical practice.

An innovative solution for safe blood transport

Rely on Innolabel for accurate and reliable temperature indicators for your blood products. Blood Temp 10 is easy to use, affordable and offers unparalleled security for your patients and your clinical practice. Contact us today to find out how we can help you manage the temperature of your blood products.