Verigo Pod one-90

Verigo Pod one-90 is a temperature and humidity logger with bluetooth.

Single-use Temperature Logger with bluetooth connection

Need to monitor only one trip?

The single-use Pod One-90 provides a cost-effective, yet fully-featured, monitoring solution.

Quick overview specs

Functional Range -20 to 60 °C

Wireless Range up to 30m ( 100 ft )

Battery Life 90 days (3 years shelf life)

Accuracy ± 0.5 °C (0.9 °F)

Memory 10,000 data points


The temperature and/or humidity loggers Verigo (Pods) allow you to record temperature and humidity and then transfer the data via your smartphone and tablet even through packages, ice chests or containers.
No more need for cables, software or dedicated readers, no more bringing loggers to the office to read from and store the data.

Simply download the Verigo application for iOs™ or Android™ onto your device to launch and use Pods. Users can name each Pod, link it to a barcode and program it immediately with an alarm from the get-go.

During use, the application allows Pods to visualize and record data in real time. For in-depth analysis, use the function to send a file PDF or CSV by e-mail.
You don’t remember where your Pod is located? Let him make a sound through the app!
All data is automatically stored in Verigo’s secure cloudWeb App, which you can access from any connected computer, and allows you to generate PDF or CSV reports.

The Verigo Pod one-90, also known as Pods, makes recording temperature and humidity data a breeze. These innovative loggers allow you to capture accurate measurements and easily transfer the data to your smartphone or tablet, even through packages, refrigerators or containers.

A summary of the main benefits of Verigo Pod one-90:

  1. No Hassle with Cables or Special Readers: Verigo Pods eliminate the need for cables, special software or reading devices. You no longer need to bring loggers to the office to read and store the data.

  2. Easy Operation via Smartphone or Tablet: Download the Verigo app for iOS™ or Android™ on your device to launch and use Pods. You can give each Pod a name, associate it with a barcode and provide alarm settings directly.

  3. Real-time Data Display: During use, the app provides real-time access to the Pods’ data. This allows you to directly record and track temperature and humidity fluctuations.

  4. Simple Data Analysis: For in-depth analysis, you can easily generate PDF or CSV files and send them by e-mail. This makes sharing data and reports easy and efficient.

  5. Traceability of Pods: If you are not sure where a specific Pod is located, you can have it emit a sound signal through the app for easy tracking.

  6. Secure Cloud Storage: All data is automatically stored in Verigo’s secure cloudWeb App. You can access this data from any connected computer and use it to generate PDF or CSV reports.

With Verigo Pods, monitoring and recording temperature and humidity data becomes effortless.

This advanced technology enables accurate data capture and management, which is invaluable for a variety of applications, from logistics and transportation to pharmaceutical research and more.

Verigo Pods offer an efficient and reliable solution to your data logging needs.

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