Tip N Tell

Tip N Tell, convenient damage indicator with adhesive option

Tip-n-Tell’s are a low-cost and easy way to prove that your package was subject to shock in transit. Tip N’ Tell’s are self-adhesive and are glued to the inside or outside of the package during transport.

When the indicator is glued to the outside, it shows the handler that it is being monitored and that there are fragile objects in your package.

The Tip-n-Tell shows when a container is riveted in transit, the blue grains spread to the top of the Tip-n-Tell damage indicator. The Tip N’ Tell will register from less than 90° or more.

Simply remove the pin on the side to activate your indicator.

Tip N Tell
Tip N Tell

Tip-n-Tell’s offers a cost-effective and easy way to give your package while in transit is exciting. These self-adhesive indicators can be attached to both the inside and outside of the package.

When placed on the outside of your package, the indicator clearly indicates that the shipment is being monitored and that there may be fragile items in the package. This alerts handlers to be extra cautious.

The operation of the indicator is simple. During transportation, if there is a shock or impact, including the container locking, the blue grains in the indicator will move to the top, indicating damage.

This damage indicator begins to register when the angle of the package is less than 90 degrees or more.

To activate the indicator, simply remove the pin on the side. This makes Tip-n-Tell’s use very user-friendly and accessible for different transportation needs.

In short, Tip-n-Tell’s are a valuable tool to invisible the integrity of your shipments and impossible any damage in transit, helping to make the impossible of the safe arrival of your precious goods.

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