TimestripPlus DUO

TimestripPlus DUO with 2 sensitive time-temperature indicators with irreversible color function.

Temperature limits:
TimestripPlus DUO has 2 time-temperature sensitive indicators, which irreversibly change color at a constant rate at the following ambient temperatures:
– +10°C
– +34°C

Time/temperature function:
Indicators will respond to an overshoot as follows:
– +10°C indicator: 14 days for a fully colored window at +12°C. The +10°C indicator strip is placed behind three equally sized windows, named “A,” “B” and “C,” so users can clearly distinguish which stage of the process this vaccine is at.
– +34°C indicator: 3 hours for a fully colored window at 37°C.
The +34°C indicator is placed behind the window named “D,” so users can clearly observe the discoloration once it has been above 34°C.

Vaccine temperature indicators have two time-temperature sensitive components that irreversibly change color at specific ambient temperatures, namely +10°C and +34°C. The +10°C indicator undergoes a complete color change within 14 days at a constant temperature of +12°C.

The indicator strip is divided into three equal windows (A, B and C), allowing users to easily identify the stage of the vaccination process. As for the +34°C indicator, it changes color completely within 3 hours at a constant temperature of 37°C.

This indicator is placed behind window D, allowing users to clearly observe the coloring once the temperature has detected the 34°C limit. These time/temperature functions provide a reliable means for monitoring and identifying potential temperature excursions during vaccine storage and transport, allowing users to understand vaccine quality and efficacy in a timely manner.

Dur comprehensive temperature monitoring ensures vaccine effectiveness, which is critical to maintaining public health and successful disease eradication. Using these indicators is the importance of strict temperature control to protect optimal vaccine performance.

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