Timestrip Complete

Timestrip Complete upward temperature monitoring indicator combined with FCP™ downward temperature indicator technology, the indicator gives you true 2-8°C temperature monitoring – from one supplier with one innovative solution.

Timestrip® Complete™ is a cold chain product that actively monitors high and low temperature thresholds.

Developed for vaccine storage and transport temperature monitoring, our Timestrip® Complete™ confirms whether or not they have been exposed to risky conditions.

Supplied on a clear card, the single use, irreversible indicators provide you with verifiable proof of whether or not a temperature breach has occurred.

With this card, vaccines can be monitored throughout the logistics chain with the guarantee that they are kept within their range of 2°C to 8°C.

Use the indicator to monitor temperature-sensitive shipments including vaccines, drugs, blood products, implants, diagnostic substances, ophthalmic solutions, intraocular lenses, food and chemicals.

Timestrip Complete: The key to timely food safety

In the world of food safety, time is of the essence. Ensuring the freshness and quality of food products is crucial to protect consumers from potential health risks and to maintain the reputation of food producers. This is where Timestrip Complete comes into play. With advanced technologies and a keen eye for detail, Timestrip Complete offers a revolutionary solution for monitoring the shelf life of food products.

The Benefits

Timestrip Complete is a product specifically designed to ensure food safety. It offers numerous benefits, including:

  1. Accurate Time Monitoring: Timestrip Complete uses advanced sensor technology to capture the exact expiration date of a product. This ensures that food never stays on the shelves too long, guaranteeing freshness.

  2. Visual Indicators: With its easy-to-read visual indicators, Timestrip Complete makes it possible for anyone to quickly check the shelf life of a product without complicated equipment.

  3. Cost savings: With accurate monitoring, companies can reduce food waste and perform more efficient inventory management, leading to significant cost savings.

  4. Trust and Safety: Consumers can trust that the food they buy is safe and fresh, which improves the reputation of producers.

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