Blulog NFC Datalogger

The Blulog NFC Data Logger (temperature logger) provides full temperature traceability during the transportation of temperature-sensitive products.  Upon receipt of a package, a diode (it can be personalized) will immediately show if the cold chain is broken.  You can access the entire history of temperature from any smartphone equipped with the NFC technology, along with GPS and shipping information.


  • Fully calibrated with a precision of  ± 0.3°C and a real-time calibrated clock
  • Single-use or multiple-use (multi-use)
  • Fully waterproof
  • Large memory of up to 48,000 measurements + logistic data
  • Geolocation with every scan and automatic upload to the cloud
  • Alarm diodes in case of temperature exceedances

General video:

Instruction video:

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