RadControl Radiation Label

RadControl Radiation Label, is adhered to the blood product prior to irradiation.

RadControl Radiation Label serves to verify the irradiation of blood products.
The application is for gamma irradiation of at least 25 gray.
A RadControl Radiation Label is adhered to the blood product prior to irradiation. The indicator will turn from RED to BLACK when irradiation has occurred.

This color change is reliable and visually clear!
There are no ambiguities in evaluations, just clear information : not irradiated/irradiated’.
Rad-Control is manufactured with great care and extensively tested in accordance with our ISO 13485 quality management system to avoid any risks in your processes

The RadControl attestation label is designed to verify radiation from blood products, with name for gamma radiation of at least 25 gray. Before the radiation appears, a RadControl Radiation Label is applied to the blood product. huge radiation has taken place, the indicator will undergo a clear and reliable color change, from RED to BLACK.

This color change provides a simple and visibly clear way to assess the status of the blood product. There is no room for confusion or ambiguity in the evaluation, with the indicator seemingly present of the product is irradiated or unirradiated.

The RadControl label is produced with the utmost care and undergoes extensive testing in accordance with our ISO 13485 quality management system. This ensures that the label meets strict quality standards and helps reduce risk in your processes.

The label is designed to provide reliability and dependability, which is critical in the medical and biological industries, where proper radiation of blood products can be vital.

In short, the RadControl Pavement Label is an effective and accurate solution for the verification of irradiation in blood products, giving you confidence in the quality and safety of your medical processes.

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