High Temperature Labels

Accurate Temperature Measurement for Quality Control

The I-16027 temperature indicator can be used when you need accurate temperature readings. Attach the indicator very easily to the product or dosimeter-that simple! The indicator window will show a permanent (non-reversible) color change and you can see the highest temperature reached in an instant.

Temperature too high? Flag it out “on the spot.” High temperatures cause irreversible damage to many products. Food, medicine, industrial and chemical products are uiterest sensitive. “Hi-Temp” indicators help you minimize the risk, thanks to an irreversible color change from white to red when the temperature exceeds its specified threshold.
A versatile, low-cost design with quality monitoring makes the “Hi-Temp” Indicators the solution for a host of applications. You can choose reaction temperatures from 25°C to 216°C, with the highest standard of accuracy and reliability. The thin self-adhesive labels feature a flexible design which is easy to apply to any product or packaging.

Below is a list of the most common labels.

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