Drop N Tell

Drop N Tell – this product will show when your package has been dropped.

Drop N Tell indicator will show whether or not your package was dropped. Once your packet has exceeded its G-Range, 2 black arrows will appear on the device. The Drop-n-Tell represents a preventive care product by alerting shippers and handlers that this package is fragile and has been monitored by visibly sticking the Drop-n-Tell label as a warning. The shipping indicator can be glued to your package by removing the protective paper on the back to secure the future of your package!

Drop N Tell from Innolabel is an innovative solution that changes the way we handle packages and shipments. This groundbreaking product is designed to minimize damage in transit and put responsibility where it belongs – with the carrier.

This indicator allows you to closely monitor the integrity of your packets. The compact device easily attaches to the inside of your packaging and detects even the smallest shocks and bumps during transport. If the package is subjected to an impact that exceeds the established threshold, a visual indication is activated immediately. This makes it impossible for carriers to cause undetected damage, giving peace of mind to both shippers and receivers.

Not only is it a game-changer for damage control, but it also promotes a culture of accountability throughout the supply chain. Carriers are encouraged to maintain the highest standards of package handling, knowing that any missteps will be immediately apparent.

This device is useful not only for companies shipping valuable products, but also for individuals who want to be sure their packages arrive safely. Whether it’s electronics, art, delicate items or just important documents, the indicator provides an affordable and effective way to prevent damage in transit.

In short, Innolabel’s Drop N Tell is a smart investment for anyone who values the integrity of their shipments. It’s not just a device; it’s peace of mind packed into a compact, powerful tool that sets the standard for safe transportation worldwide.

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