Tempmate S1 V2 single use logger

The innovative disposable data logger TempMate S1 with integrated USB port, is the perfect companion for goods with  temperature-controlled transports.

TempMate loggers are provided with the requested requirements. The following settings can be dialed in at no additional charge:
– Running time (6, 15, 30, 60 or 90 days)
– Upper and lower limit alarms (e.g.. <+2 ° C and > +8 ° C)
– Alarm time delay (default: 30 min.)
– Start time delay (default: 0 min.) The loggers are usable immediately and thus do not require programming, so user errors are excluded.
To evaluate the TempMate, there is an instant connection via USB port. Here a PDF is automatically generated which provides you with changes in temperature, all individual values as well as statistical information.
Hardware (cable interface), or software is not required! 

 Configure your own logger, download tempbase.®-D software here      

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