Real time cold chain quality control

Reduce the risks of your temperature-sensitive products: timely alarms and informative reports will help you take proactive corrective actions to shorten your quality improvement circle and increase your profits.

Temperature-sensitive products

 Whether it is pharma Good Distribution Practice (GDP), the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, meat safety or other temperature-sensitive products, we provide a solution to always know the status of your goods, the only way to ensure that all your products are stored and transported in optimal condition.

To accurately and efficiently deal with the temperature and/or humidity monitoring process, InnoTrack offers you unique real-time loggers to ensure the quality of pharmaceuticals and fresh products during storage or during transit. From the moment you activate the logger, it starts collecting and logging data, all data can then be retrieved in the cloud.

Should a temperature violation occur, an SMS or email alert will automatically be sent, giving you the opportunity to react proactively and thus guarantee the quality of your products as well as avoid delays and/or losses of goods.

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