Prooftag label

Prooftag label – provides the industry with a very simple solution with a timeless level of security.

After production, each Bubble TagTM is identified and recorded by an advanced optical reader system in a database. Upon delivery, the Bubble TagTM is activated and linked to a specific right-of-way information holder, allowing for regular checks.

At the start of the race to improve security processes and technologies to combat counterfeiting,
Prooftag label provides the industry with a very simple solution with a timeless level of security.

With the Bubble TagTM, Prooftag label is developing the most advanced optical security solution on the market:

  • from a technological standpoint: thanks to its uniqueness and unnamability.
  • from user’s point of view: thanks to its dual way of controlling, the visual and the electronic!

Prooftag Label has developed an innovative optical security solution known as the Bubble TagTM. This technology provides a very effective security method for products. After production, Bubble TagsTM are decided and registered in a central database using multiple optical reading systems. When these tags are provided, they are activated and combined with specific information holders, enabling effective controls and authentication.

This innovative system is designed to improve product safety and intensify the fight against counterfeiting technologies. It offers a simple and durable solution to stand the test of time. The Bubble TagTM differentiates itself in two important ways:

  1. – Technologically, it is unique and impossible to make, providing a high level of security.

  2. – From the user’s perspective, it offers a dual verification approach, both visually and electronically, providing additional confidence and peace of mind when conflicting the authenticity of products.

Prooftag Label is committed to providing the most valuable optical security solutions on the market, and the Bubble TagTM is an excellent example of their effort at security and innovation.

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