Verigo Access Point

Verigo Access Point (VAP) is a wireless device that allows VERIGO recorders to be read autonomously, in automatic mode and without human intervention.

The information is collected via a Bluetooth connection between the VAP and the VERIGO recorders. The VAP is connected to the Internet via wifi or wired connection (Ethernet cable).

Hardware specifications
RPI 4 Compute Module + IO board – WIFI/Bluetooth

Dimensions & Weight:
210 x 105 x 30 mm ; 0.8 kg

Verigo Access Point reading distance:
Up to 15m with possibility of extension via dedicated antennas (optional) The VAP benefits with CEM / EN qualifications

Options: additional antenna, POE

The Verigo Access Point (VAP) is an advanced wireless device specifically designed to read VERIGO recorders autonomously and without human intervention. This innovative technology allows companies in a variety of industries to easily and efficiently manage their temperature and humidity data, improving product quality and compliance.

One of the notable features of the VAP is its ability to collect information from VERIGO recorders via a Bluetooth connection. This means that you do not need physical access to the recorders to read the data. Instead, the recorders can autonomously send their data to the VAP, significantly streamlining the entire process.

The VAP itself is easy to integrate into your existing network. It can be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or via a wired Ethernet connection, making it flexible and adaptable to your specific needs. With its compact design and dimensions of 210 x 105 x 30 mm and a weight of only 0.8 kg, the VAP is also portable and can be easily placed in different environments.

In terms of technical specifications, the VAP uses an RPI 4 Compute Module + IO board with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality. This allows it to communicate wirelessly with VERIGO recorders while accessing the Internet for data management and reporting.

Another advantage of the VAP is its impressive reading range of up to 15 meters. In addition, it provides the flexibility to further extend this read range via dedicated antennas, which can be useful for larger storage or transportation facilities.

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