Meet InnoRT, the most innovative system for real-time temperature and humidity monitoring. Perfect for monitoring refrigerators, freezers, warehouses, general areas,…

Is there an excess in temperature or other defect that could impact your goods? The InnoRT system will notify you via SMS and/or email. This way you have 24/7 control of your cold chain.

The system consists of two parts. A logger that will observe the parameters and convert them into data. The logger will transmit this data via RF (radio frequency) to the associated HUB (receiver). This HUB is equipped with a 2G or 4G SIM card and will therefore transmit measurements to the online platform every 10 minutes.

All data is always available at On the platform, you will have a clear overview of all your loggers, which means that even in the event of an audit, you will always have all the data at your disposal.

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